Allison Wentz
Student Story


Allison is a senior majoring in Environmental Studies, minoring in Sustainable Development and Urban Studies. Her passions are green infrastructure and improving people’s views on recycling. She is currently interning at Cleveland State University’s Office of Sustainability and working to improve the recycling programs in the University dorms.

In the past she has volunteered at the City of Cleveland’s Sustainability Summit as a Zero Waste monitor making sure that all the materials thrown away during the event were recycled or composted correctly.

When did you realize sustainability was important to you?

I never had a huge interest in sustainability before I changed my major to Environmental Studies. I’ve always cared what human development is doing to the earth and its natural forests, but never thought I could have any say in what could be done to save these areas. After I looked more into how development was affecting these areas I realized that I wanted to be able to do something that could protect and add more nature to urban surroundings. This is when I knew that sustainability and sustainable development are very important to me and that I needed to get involved.

What should other students know about sustainability?

I believe it is important that other students/faculty/staff should all know that living a more sustainable life style does not take major changes to your everyday routine. It is simple things that make a difference like using a reusable water bottle, donating your clothes instead of trashing them, recycling every chance you can, or always printing double sided. The list could go on, but just always think to yourself if what you are doing or buying is the most sustainable option.

What are your career goals?

I am somewhat undecided with what type of career I would like to have after graduation because I enjoy so many aspects of sustainable development. Ideally I would like to work where I can plan new green infrastructure for a city to improve the amount of water runoff caused by impervious surfaces, habitats for natural species, and additional recreation space for those who live in the community. Another career path I would like to explore would be an advocate for green infrastructure and to make sure everyone know its importance in a community’s health and economy.