Daniel Pacetti
Student Story


Daniel is currently a graduate student studying Social Work. He has a passion for reducing the amount of waste that occurs in the community with the goal of being able to use the excess resources to promote projects that benefit those who may not have something to sleep on or something to eat.

He is a Graduate Student Senator for the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, and is working on continuing a residential donation project, that started in 2016, with help from Residence Life and Student Government Association. The donation project collects unwanted household items, kitchenware, bedding, electronics and even food that are donated to Lift Up Vikes!, the food pantry on campus, and other human service organizations, such as the Salvation Army. He works for United Way’s 2-1-1 help center, connecting people to resources in the community. He is also an intern at United Way’s Community Impact Department, analyzing large systems and facilitating digital humanity projects.

What's one thing you've learned about sustainable living in the last year? 

Be creative with it! Bulk construction items, that are normally thrown away after use like wooden pallets, old skateboards, PVC piping, and pictures/paintings can be reused in a variety of different ways for cheap. Just look at pallet furniture, for example.

When did you realize sustainability was important to you? 

In my sophomore year, I had helped someone move out of the residence halls. During this time, I realized that some students were throwing away unwanted items that could be used for other purposes. Being involved in the move-out process, a student gave me a free T.V., a lamp and a pile of notebooks that they otherwise would have thrown away. I still have these items today, but during that period of time, I realized that the amount of waste that we consume could be reduced if services provided an alternative to throwing away reusable items.

What should other Vikings know about sustainability at CSU? 

Students, faculty and staff have the ability to impact sustainability at CSU. From simple things like neighborhood cleanup projects, to joining a club, like the Student Environmental Movement (SEM), every sustainable choice you make can impact the way Cleveland State thinks about its future. Get out there and Advocate!